COMN 4212 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Technological Determinism, Payphone

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COMN 4212 - Lect 1 – Sept 16
So what is broadcasting??
It is an outgrowth of the telephone, which is derived from the telegraph
The telephone was invented as a by product to jam binary coded signals down the
wire at different frequencies
For the first time in human history it separated communication from
transportation… you didn’t have to transport some object from A to B to
communicate over distance
Conceptually that radio made was that u could transmit that message without
having to be involved with any transportation system
SCOT vs. Technological Determinism
Automobile is an example of an evolution of technology…
Causing for urban
If you look at market determinism over SCOT
You will see markets exist to fill the desires/needs of people. They work through
constructing commodities
(Like literally building a car or in more subtle ways like coal… if there’s a shortage
price goes up, if there’s a lot price goes down)
How do u make something like broadcasting become a commodity?
Time had been packaged as a salable commodity… like if you are using a payphone.
You must pay for more time.
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