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Lecture 2

CRIM 1650 Lecture 2: Definition of Crime (Con’t)

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York University
CRIM 1650
James Williams

Definition of Crime Con’t Conflict: an act prohibited by people in power in a way to protect their own values and morals Elements: 1. Conflict vs. consensus  Society is divided into a number of groups (unequal) 2. Political exercise  Political interest groups (pressing legislatives)  political aspect 3. Criminal behaviour is a reflection of the interest of the powerful  law is a tool used by people in power to shape law  Ex. Prohibition; alcohol became illegal i. Alcohol intake rates were high + the concern of drinking in the workplace ii. Rather than spending money on alcohol, they would spend on other things, therefore helping the economy iii. A connection between alcohol consumption and crime/violence iv. Consumption was done mostly by immigrants/ working class (in saloons)  Legalized once again 1933 i. Tax revenue ii. Believed that the alcohol industry would provide employment and economic growth iii. Concern that prohibition had
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