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CRIM 1650
James Williams

UCR vs. Dark Figure of Crime Movie - Checklist: A Measure of Evil • Once of the best ways to recognize a psychopath is by observing their devastating ways • Psychopaths gets close to you then destroy your life • You lose your sense of self, emotional security, financial security etc. if involved with psychopaths • Psychopaths are very narcissistic, charming, etc. friendly, intelligent • Complete lack of remorse, empathy, regard • People involved with psychopaths lost a lot, one woman lost $250 000 • He betrayed her and took delight of her pain, main quality of psychopath is complete lack of remorse • They are very cold, and can tell a story with no emotion • Psychopathy is a form of personality disorder; it is a form of chronic mental disorder. • MRI scans are used to test whether psychopaths are fundamentally different from normal people • Violent images and videos create different brain activity in psychopaths then normal people • Psychopaths read emotions • Psychopaths move around a lot • 1% of the population are psychopaths, over 300 000 in Canada, over 3 million in US • 20% of inmates are psychopathic, 6500 in Canada • PCLRs are used to measure the degree of a psychopathy • 20 characteristics are used in the PCLR, average people will scored 4-6 points, anyone who scores more than 30 out of the 40 points is a psychopath • The test is being wrongly applied, even abused • Anyone with more than 30 points are more likely to reoffend • Inmates decisions in these programs can affect their decisions in their future or in courts • The PCLR is divided into 2 sections, Personality, & Case History • People who grow up in privilege are less likely to have criminal history Slide 1 • Sometimes for a long period of time, incapacitation is believed to be the only way to deal with a psychopath. • Psychopath is a label used to describe individuals to have a degree of a violent history. Past violent behaviour often leads to future violent behaviour. • There is a proven biological link to psychopathy. Scientists don’t have a very good understanding to the brain. Brain activity still remains a mystery. • There is no evidence of a causal connection of biology and psychopathy. Slide 2- Cultural and Political Significance • The US Supreme Court says: there is a short term affect between violence in media and future violence Slide 3 – Theories of Crime and Criminal Behaviour • Crime is a form of human behaviour; we are trying to explain why this behaviour occurs, how it occurs. • Biological and Psychological approaches to crime are based on the determination of the individual. • Rational Choice Theories approaches to crime are based on the free will of the individual. • If you adopt a consensus model of society, you will end up with a social process theory or alternatively a structural theory. These theories don’t ask questions such as what is crime it takes crimes for granted. • As a social theorist, you focus on the sociological approach to crime
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