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Lecture 16

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CRIM 1650
James Williams

2. b) wanted a federal response c) Drugs were widely available in the form of patent medicines. Opium – users were primarily Chinese in places like San Francisco. In Vancouver, Chinese people were abusing opium. 1905- 6: economic instability, growing suspicion of Chinese by the white population. Concerns around where opium was being consumed such as opium dens. Opium dens were dangerous since women were seduced into drug use and prostitution. This was all threatening to the white middle-upper class. 3. Marijuana and population- particular users such as Mexicans in the US south. In the late 20s and early 30s – great depression. People were desperate for work so Mexicans were seen as a source of competition. Slide 6 2. There is no such thing as a mutual moral agreement. Morality and Crime II Slide 1 1. The war on drugs carried on until the late 1930s-early 1940s. Richard Nixon declares to the public how there is a new enemy: drugs. 2. a) Reduce the availability of drugs in Canada and US. Spray herbicides on crops to reduce the supply. Domestic drug enforcement – the development of anti-drug squads who use strategies to make drug busts and put users behind bars. Stricter sentences- mandatory minimum sentences. b) 3. 3 main criteria: 1) supply would have decreased 2) price would have become more expensive 3) purity would have lacked 4) drug use would be decreased. These were not effective. Instead of a decrease, there has been an increase. Price has not gone up,
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