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York University
CRIM 1650
James Williams

Amy Sidhu Race and Crime Lecture Notes – Week 13 & 14 Myths: Cultural Representations of Race and Crime - “Race” as a social and political construction. - “Traditional” versus “Symbolic” and “Systemic” Racism 1) Traditional Racism = an individual believing that another individual is inferior or incompetent because of their race, nationality or colour. 2) Symbolic Racism = the belief system that shows prejudice towards the Black community and emphasizes how Blacks are morally inferior to Whites. Cannot be prevented because of the invisibility and deniability that occurs. 3) Systemic Racism = Failure of an institution (University, hospital, government, family, workplace or any other organization) to provide an appropriate and professional service to an individual because of their race, nationality or colour. Once again, this cannot be prevented because it is so subtle, almost invisible and denied by organizations. - Cultural representations of crime and criminality informed by race. - “Racialization of Crime” and the “Criminalization of Race”: Racialization of Crime: the process through which crime is constructed or defined in racial terms. Eventually, these constructed representations and images of crime lead to the criminalization of race. Groups of people are negatively represented in our society because of our paradigms and constructed images about them. Criminalization of Race: the treatment of particular racialized groups with the assumption that they are all criminals.
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