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James Williams

Criminology Lecture #2 Myths solved ~ 1.Significant increase in Canadian crime rate in the past 10 years -False - lower crime rates -majority crime in Canada is property crime -much of crime decrease is driven by property crime -Violent crime has decreased 3% from 10 years ago -5600 fewer homicides from 2009 until 2010 2. Levels of youth violence in Canada has never been higher -False - 1995 was the peek of youth crime violence -since then, there has been a gradual decline - 2000-2001 was another peek -was a suttle but noticeable decrease of 8% 2001 - most of the “violent” crimes were level 1 assults (hitting, pushing shoving, etc.) 3. Most crimes are committed by people unknown to one another -False -people have interpersonal relationships -usually known to victim 4. City with the highest crime rate in Canada is Toronto -False - Winnepeg has the highest crime rate in all of Canada th -Toronto ranks 14 in crime rates -places like Brampton and Thunder bay are higher - theses statistics are not based on violent crimes 5. Studies have demonstrated a causable link between media violence and future criminal behaviour -False - there has been a correlation between the two, but not a causable relationship -there is usually another variable or factor that come into play (example- family environment, violence in the family, how much time spent with family, etc. ) 6. Based on economic costs, street crime is less serious that corporate and white-collar crime -true - corporate and white-collar crime cost much more than crimes such as burglary etc. 7. Documented cases of children being harmed by foreign objects in Halloween cant by strangers -False - there are no documented cases that children have been harmed by objects places in candy by strangers -there has been cases of children dying- but ended up not being from the cand once case, the child got into the uncles heroin stash and the other the child was poisoned by father (cyanide) 8. Get to approach such as the Ontario boot camp program have been affective in reducing future offending of youth offenders -False -there is no study that has proven that the programs have been affective or have contributed to decrease in future offences 9. Canada has one of the strongest youth justice systems in the world -True -Canada has a high incarceration rate -higher than other western nations such as the US, UK and other European countries - in 2003, the youth offenders act was replaced by the youth criminal justice act which focused more on diversion that incarceration 10. Similarities exist between pharmalogical properties of some prescription drugs -true 11.are the courts dealing with criminals too harshly -many people believe yes may change—dude to myths Crime- a collection of different viewpoints- informed by sociology, urban studies, biology, philosophy brought together around the subject of crime (it unites them) - everyone has committed a crime at one time or another, which creates the idea that crime is widespread and it is hard to define who or what a criminal is. -90% of Canadians have committed crime in which they could have been incarsarated -crimes are diverse and can range from small thi
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