CRIM 1650 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Anomie, Racialization, Intersectionality

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16 Aug 2016
January 5, 2016
Race & Crime – Part 1
Race = was meant to divide based on biology and such essential differences
oHowever, we now look at it in terms of the fact that it is a socially constructed
Racism = may or may not be explicit
getting rid of race as an objective fact
omay deprive one of an identity vs. getting rid of categorization
racialized person:
oMerton’s theory of class (anomie)
osocial process by which certain people are singled out based on real or imagine
physical characteristics
oassigning racial meaning on the activities of minority people or marginalized
groups (Chan) – supports Merton’s theory
measuring crime rates among racial minorities
difference b/w ethnicity and race
oethnicity = less about biology and more with belief
dilemmas of definition and measurement
ostats don't say much on their own – they are supporting evidence
ostats limited to prison populations
issue considering the grossly overrepresented number of natives or blacks
in prison or CJS
theorizing race and crime
otheorization: production of knowledge
ohow we theorize = may have serious consequences for some people
onegative portrayals, generalizations and stereotypes = measurable and self-
perpetuating consequences
hardening public policy
strained relationship with police force
oresources required
statistics do NOT represent unmediated fact
obeg more questions than answers
ounless you support or believe in the idea that an over-representation of particular
groups in conflict with law is due to bio-racial defect (Neo-Lombroso)
ostats = vital in providing picture of imbalance in offending and confrontation with
law, the problem = stats may be politicized
strain theory and race
CJS is neither cause nor cure for racism
ooverburdened by social problems b/c it is overused
racial profiling and how is it different from criminal profiling?
oProfiling of a group of people vs. profiling an individual
Shelat 1
find more resources at
find more resources at
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