CRIM 2650 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: The Dispossessed, Economic Determinism, Determinism

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18 Jan 2017
CRIM 2650 Lecture 12 Marxism I
- Mar rote little o rie ad othig …
Karl Marx (1818-1883)
- Main motives: Critique od economic inequalities and struggle for social justice
Exploitation of the proletariat (working class) by the bourgeoisie (capitalist class)
Bourgeoisie owns the means of production
Proletariat: sell their labour-power
Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the bourgeoisie
Alienation of workers
19th Century Capitalism
- Material conditions of the 19th century capitalism
- Class struggle workers strike in the book
- Three perspectives for class struggle
Reformism, Marxism, Anarchism
Capitalism Today?
- Conflicting views?
Dominant view: Capitalism has evolved
Alternative View: Neoliberalism and Globalization have created new opportunities
for the bourgeoisie to further exploit the working class
Marx and Revolutionary Change
- No speifi proposal or poli suggestio for rie reduction or legal reform (unlike
e.g. Beccaria)
- The entire structure of capitalism, based on the private ownership of property, has to
change because capitalism provides the conditions for crime by means of generating
vast inequalities
Ideal of Communism
- Ideal of communism: Classless society
A point of controversy among Marxist criminologists
Marx and Crime
- When analyzing crime, a Marxist approach takes into account come of these aspects:
The historical conditions of criminal law and justice system
How and why it emerged; its relation to economic base; whose interests it serves
Definition of crime (always changing)
Conflict, power relations and inequalities between classes
Root cause of crime
Policing strategies
How criminal law and justice system is legitimized or justified (ideology)
Why there is no revolt?
The Law on Thefts of Wood
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