CRIM 2650 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Christian Parenti, Mass Incarceration, Structural Marxism

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28 Mar 2017
CRIM 2650 Lecture 13 – Marxism II
Marxist criminology context of 60s
1968 protest students revolt
Reaction against education and economic institutions
Global political all around the world
Labeling and marxist criminology
Labeling theory issue of power
Critique state intervention
Repressive institution problematize state intervention counterproductive
Amplify the problem of crime
Marxist deeper analysis of power and inequality
Marxist look at the class relations who are powerful groups what makes them powerful
Inequalities created by capitalism shape crime and law
Marxism contextualizes crime looks at history
Historical processes result in certain lost
Individual peasants into wage workers
Labeling theory focus on social construction
People labeled as potential offenders
Didn’t look at real causes of crime
More concerned about responses of crime
Marxism look at real causes such as poverty but also looks at social construction of crime
Difference in policy recommendations
Decriminalization of certain crimes in labeling theory
Modest policy
Marxist more radical
Overthrowing the capitalist processes
More revolutionary
Conflict/radical/Marxist theories
Dosnt examine what is the root cause of conflict
Focus on relation between powerful and poor
Conflict perspective similarity with Marxism
Radical perspective political economics to understand
Radical transformation of society
Combine class with sexism racism etc
Definition of crime crimianl justice institutions are mainly concerned with working class crime
This crime defined as deviant and harmful to society
Committed by powerful groups not emphasized
Alternative definition based on social harm and human rights violation
Not reflected in criminal law
Anything causes social harm and human right violation is considered crime for marxist
Provide new criteria of crime
Includes both crime committed by powerful and working class
Powerful groups could also us human right discourses to cause human rights violation
Example human right discourse manipulated by powerufl groups
Focus of analysis
Economic and state crimes of powerful
Violation of labor rights
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