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Lecture 2

CRIM 2650 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Critical Criminology, Testability

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CRIM 2650
Anita Lam

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There are three approaches to theory
discuss the relationship between theory and context and how it is applied to a context
theory emerges out of the context
theory is a conjecture based on a limited amount of knowledge
theory is speculative or abstract knowledge and reasoning
set of principles used to explain a group of acts or phenomenon
it s explanatory and has some relationship to facts
theory has the same root as the word "theatre"
literal sense of looking and of sight;
criminology as an interdiscipline
there is no longer agreement about what counts as theory in criminology
what theorizing entails and to what ends theory should be laid
Scientific, Normative and Critical approaches to theory
in each of these approaches will be used to accomplish different ends
all these approaches are relatively self contained networks
Scientific Approach to Theory:
answering questions about how things work and why do they work that way
criminology is understood as social science
when we conceive of it as social science, it is modelled on the natural and physical
reduced phenomenon to variables, and measure correlation between variables
oExample 1: poverty and crime
oHow can you measure poverty?
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