CRIM 2652 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Brothel

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The Politics of Human Trafficking October 12, 2017
- Domotor-Kolompor Trafficking Ring
o Largest human trafficking ring in Canadian history
o Recruited other Hungarians to work in construction business
o All 22 accused pled guilty
o Ferenc Domotor (leader) sentenced to 7.5 years longest sentence at the time
o All but 2 members deported
R.v. Greenham (2015)
- Sex work by 2 women (girlfriend and her bff) and managed by Greenham
- Greenham acquitted from all major charges such as human trafficking
Human Trafficking
- UN defines: the recruitment, transportation, transfer
3 components:
- Recruitment
- Transportation, harbouring, transfer, receipt of persons
- Purpose (various form of exploitation)
How extensive is human trafficking?
- International labour org (ILO) in 2005 indicted that about 2.4 million people are victims
of traff at any given time
- Numbers range widely
- Estimates unverifiable
- Research lacking
- Definitional ambiguity
International traff Law
- Trafficking protocol
o Has to address transnational protocol
o Not based in Canada
- Smuggling protocol
- Anti-arms trafficking protocol
Role of the US
- US trafficking victims protection act (2002)
- Expanded def of human traff
o Has big effect on defining the UN definition
- Monitoring and evaluation of global anti-traff efforts
- Annual traff in persons report
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find more resources at
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