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CRIM 2652
Anna Pratt

The politics of CJ Reform: Adult street prostitution in Canada Defining Prostitution Exchange of sexual services for money But… • Acceptance of other goods and benefits in lieu of cash? • Marrying for financial security? Victimless Crime • Consensual transaction: exchange between wiling partners of goods and services • Public order crime not interpersonal crime • Justification of criminalization: PUBLIC HARMS, not related to the individual. Public Health • Concern about aids • Increased penalties for prostitution Public Order • Disorder to public by prostitution • Increase of noise and traffic/condoms in alleyways • Widely understood to be a female crime Legislative History • Vagrancy statues of Nova Scotia Act of 1759  Lower Canada Act of 1839— Being a prostitute was a status offence  All common prostitutes or night walkers not giving a satisfactory account of themselves’ and those frequenting brothels • 1892 until 1972: Vagrancy provisions of the CCC  Bawdy houses, streetwalking, living off the avails and exploitation of prostitution. 1972 soliciting Law  S. 195.1: solicitation in public place for the purpose of prostitution 1983 provisions clarified that prostitute meant a person of either sex engaging in prostitution 1978 SCC Hutt Decision:  Soliciting must be ‘pressing and persistent’ –it wasn’t enough that the accused had negotiated the sexual service, but that the accused would have had to be really annoying of it, and not accept no for an answer.  Police resistance, public o
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