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Lecture 2

(KG notes)Crim 2652 Lecture WEEK 1 & WEEK 2 SEPT 19TH 2013 & SEPT 26TH.docx

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CRIM 2652
Anna Pratt

thCrim 2652 Lecture2 September 19 2013Understanding Criminal JusticeDue process Concern to limit guide and structure official discretion and powers the end does not justify the means Emphasis on individual and procedural rights of the accused Better to acquit ten guilty parties than to convict one innocent person Presumption of innocence Romeo Phillion is an example of an innocent person convicted Crime Control Emphasis and concern to control crime emphasizes protection of the public and rights of victimsEmphasizes on deterrence and incapacitation Criminal justice authorities should have as much discretion and power needed the end justifies the means police should have more power of arrest under suspicion and under their own discretionStrong presumption of guilt and confidence that the innocent are screened out at the policing and prosecution stagesExamples of Crime control and Due Process Husbands Case is Toronto Eaton Center shooting in 2012 the shooter was out on bail for a sexual assault charge for which he was granted a 4000 bail and house arrest The suspect had previous weapon charges in which the judge of that trial the judge dropped the weapon charges on him The Myth of The System Criminal justice system is filled with different stages and components Conflicts between different stagescomponents Conflicts in relation to a single stagecomponent Competing interests offenders victims communities administration of justice systemDiscretion
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