CRIM 2652 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Jury Trial, Bourgeoisie, Bloody Code

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10 Nov 2014

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CRIM 2652: Week 5 – Lecture #4 October 9, 2014
Origins and Overview of Criminal Justice
So, What Else is Going On?
Criminal justice as DRAMA
oPeople love watching these shows even though there is no real relation of how our
criminal justice system works in reality
Morality plays
There is trial within trials and there is procedures and processes that have to be followed
and they have to be followed at the right time
oJudges determines all matters of law
oJury determines matter of facts in a jury trial
oIn jury trials, jury will never hear legal arguments around things like the
admissibility of evidence, violation of rights
oIn Shafia’s trial, it took the whole day for the judge to instruct the jury in that trial
because the judge has to literally tell the jury what the law says about every
potentially contention piece of evidence testimony whatever that’s to come up
The Moral of the Story…
Lady Justice
oIt represents a set of values that our criminal justice system alleged to…***
oBlindfolded so, its objective and not influenced by her own biases, or by the
characteristics descriptive and inscriptive of the people who brought before them
oThe scale represents balance
Official Version of Law
System of resolving conflict
“The official version of law – what the legal world would have us believe about itself – is
that it is an impartial, neutral and objective system for resolving social
conflict….Divorced from politics, morals and systems of belief, law’s task is to discern
‘the facts’…and find the truth of any given matter placed before it.” (Naffine, 1990:24)
1. Adversarial System
Two parties in dispute, it could be the crown and the accused, married couple, or
anybody, they bring their case before the court, they present their cases
It’s mostly up to the judge to 2 things:
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