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Anita Lam

Four General Rules 1. Good statistics are based on more than guessing 2. Based on clear, reasonable definitions 3. Based on clear, reasonable measures 4. Based on good samples Best would say that statistics are good because they provide information about social problems, and they are somewhat reliable (pg, 59-60). Reliability Consistent theme: • Avoid faulty reasoning • Avoid faulty data: garbage in, garbage out • Evidence of the way data is “socially constructed” may be found by applying these 4 general rules “Data Explosion” • OHC, pp. 245-246): note that there has been a virtual data explosion on crime in the UK, why? • Public concern—people become worried about protecting their stuff, with the rise of crime. • Rise of managerialism and crime prevention— the idea that good policy is set according to empirical evidence (positivistic perspective). You can show statistics for a policy. Best way for crime prevention is to intervene with people from a young age, like anti-bullying. • Concerns for “hidden” forms of crime— domestic abuse, corporate crime, child abuse. Defining the Dark Figure of Crime • Dark figure is that which does not appear in “official statistics
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