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CRIM 2653
Paul Baxter

FACULTY OF LIBERAL ARTS AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES AP/CRIM 2653 A 6.00 2013-2014 READING LIST AND IMPORTANT DATES For the purposes of this reading list, the readings are identified by the authors’ last names only. “Silverman” and “Pogrebin” in the table below refer to your textbooks: David Silverman, Doing Qualitative Research: A Practical Handbook. New York: Sage, 2013. Mark R. Pogrebin, About Criminals: A View of the Offender’s World. New York: Sage, 2013. The full citations for all additional readings listed will be included in the document posted on Moodle. Date Topic Reading Sept. 09-13 Introduction Class Meet TA’s in Tutorial None Sept. 16-20 The Goals of the Course None Sept. 22 Last Day to Enrol Without Permission Sept. 23-27 Introduction to Criminological Research Bachman and Schutt, Chapter One. Sept. 30-Oct. Some Issues in Epistemology: Positivism Joel Best, Damned Lies 04 and Social Science and Statistics, Chapter 2 Oct. 07-11 The use of “Crime Statistics” in Oxford Handbook of Criminological Research Criminology-Chapter 10 (on the uses of crime statistics) Oct. 12-14 Thanksgiving Weekend Oct. 14-18 Introduction to Qualitative Research Silverman, Chapter 2 Methods Videos Martyn Hammersley, a respected British sociologist: is-qualitative-inquiry-by Alison Anderson: M4rnxlY Date Topic Reading Oct. 21-25 Focusing a Research Project Silverman, Chapter 3 Tutorial Reading: Pogrebin, Chapter 1 Oct. 21-22 Library Assignment Due in Tutorials Oct. 25 Last Day to Enrol With Permission Oct. 28-Nov. Research Design Silverman, Chapter 4-5 01 Pogrebin, Chapter 2 Marvin Krohn, et al, “Self- Report Surveys within Longitudinal Panel Designs”, in, David Gadd, Susanne Karstedt, and St
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