CRIM 2653 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Ethnography

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26 Sep 2015

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Nov 18, 2014
Focusing the Research Question
-Literature review
-academic, research journals, empirical –actually collected raw data, their own research,
current in the last 10 years + peer-reviewed
Social scientific
Key words: incarceration, deterrent, crime
Look at reference lists and bibliography
In search criteria: ethnography, interview, qualitative
Lit Review Questions
Where does the study fit in relation to the relevant literature?
What is the connection to that literature?
How will your research move beyond what we already know?
Generally, the literature review is regarded as one of the first stages of the
research process, as it helps to generate research questions and to determine the
best methods to answer them
What is a Literature Review?
Provides a survey and discussion of the main published work a given field or
topic. It demonstrates that you have:
1. Read widely around the topic.
2. Gained a good command of the issues
3. Identified the key methods and methodological issues around the study of your
4. Acknowledged the work of others
5. Set your study in context an existing body of literature, highlighting gaps in the
Notions and preconceived ideas that are guiding this persons paper and study.
Two types
1. Theoretical
theories are used to anchor the research within the discipline
Make explicit the ontological and epistemological assumptions the
researcher brings to the research
2. Substantive – specific literature on your topic
- academic books and peer-reviewed journals
-“grey literature”: reports published by organizations, conference papers,
newspaper/media studies
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