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Lecture 4

CRIM 3655 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Multiple Choice, Berlin Wall, Ethnocide

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CRIM 3655
Claudio Colaguori

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Test: points from readings and lectures. Using dates and names makes your
answer stronger
Denitions and concepts should form the basis of your answers
“police have the power of discretion. Discretion is…”
5 pages, single space
Multiple choice /20 Essay /20
The social order
The institutional structure and balance in society
Macro-social order
The big picture
Police are part of the repressive state apparatus, and they use force
Ideological state apparatuses use ideas
Micro-social level
Interactions between individuals human beings within small groups
Rules of conduct must be followed
Police are involved in this as well
The police and the monopoly on the use of repressive force
Because people are losing their jobs, crime rates are going up
Is there a causal relationship between economics and crime?
Constellation theory: there are many push pull factorsnd-gun-while-searching-for-
Police are ignoring the criminal wrongdoings of other cultural groups
They are abusing the power of force
The prison industrial complex: there are more people in the prison in the US,
almost 3 million, most are African American
The destruction of a culture
Aboriginal people: biggest ethnocide in Canada
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