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Lecture 1

CRIM 3658 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Revenge Porn, Scada, Risk Society

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CRIM 3658
Anita Lam

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CRIM 3658 - Lecture 01 - Relationships Between Crime and Technology
1. Relationship between Crime and Technology
Reciprocal relationship
Technology impacts crime and criminals
Technology is a new way of doing crime
E.g. revenge porn:
Canada: Bill C-13, Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act
Technology (threatens society) impacts criminality by reaction to crime
Technology is a “new” way of doing crime
- How is the impact?
- I.e. Pedos use technology to bring victims (on facebook) or cyber
Technology makes criminals dangerous to society (can interfere with
copyright policies)
- I.e. “revenge pornography” – women are victims to crimes by men, and
is exceedingly gendered (for instance, revealing nude pictures of ex wife
or girlfriend all over the media without their permission!) à this can cause
emotional disturbance to victims
- I.e. The case of Anderson Cooper refusing to take down the pictures he
exposed of innocent women
- Revenge pornography laws may be; maximum of 1 year jail time
- Revenge pornography laws in California; passed a law of revenge
pornography stating the issue that it is an invasion of privacy and
emotional harm
- Revenge pornography laws in U.K; focuses on how it is an issue of non
- Revenge pornography laws in Canada; anti cyber bullying
- Critiques say that they are protecting privacy by invading their privacy
Technology is a new way of threatening national security
Cyber terrorism
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) computer systems
Potentially dangerous à cyber terrorism (they can remotely watch and
control or even take over our water, electricity, etc. Once taken over, this
will negatively impact society causing severe harm – we will be
economically devastated of we are attacked via technology by terrorists)
2. Our reactions to crime transform technology
Technology is a new way to protect national security: massive data analysis and
information sharing; dataveillance
Technology is a new way of doing policing
Police use of body-worn cameras (body cams)
Pros and cons of body cams?
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