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ECON 1000
Hernan Humana

The community centre where the interview was conducted is located on the east side of Hamilton. At first it was difficult to locate the centre because it was located within a residential area surrounded by houses and schools. Due to its architectural appearance we drove past it a couple of times thinking that it was a elementary school and only after reading the sign were we aware that it was in fact the place we were looking for. I think that it is a good thing that the community centre resembles an elementary school because it allows the children and even the parents who participate in this programs to feel like they're in a safe and familiar environment. It allows the children to feel more relaxed and also does not put them in a setting that is different from one they already are used to which is school. When you first step into the building you first notice a bench near where the office is and a narrow hallway which leads you into the interview room. As I walked down the hallway I was reminded of my days at elementary school many years ago. The mini fountains and other notable items I saw on the way to the interview room acted as psychological cues into my memory banks. Also, it helped that the floor itself was the same colour as my old school's was, lightly brown and yellow. Also, as we walked with our respondents and the staff worker I could smell the aroma of fresh coffee in a cup of one of the staff workers as we were walking to the room. The room where the interview took place is the same place where the transformer program occurs. Upon arriving into the room one of the first things that I saw was a round table situated in the centre of the room. It could seat about six to eight people and even more depending on the age of the children. The table was decorated with an image of a green dragon sticking its tongue out and I believe this to
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