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Abnormal Psychology - PSTD lecture notes.docx

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ECON 1000
Ardeshir Noordeh

Abnormal Psychology Class STRESS CONDITIONS June 3 2013 NBFINAL EXAM June 20 7pm CLH A Video Apocalpyse NowMARTIN SHEEN REMINISCING ABOUT BEING IN WAR WAS ACTUAL ALOCHOLIC IN REAL LIFE HAD A HEART ATTACK DOING OPENING SCENE WHERE HE GOES CRAZYOne of first post traumatic movies made after the warEcopathology what happens when we put people in different environmentsEg war in war 13 are left with PTSDJungle warfare left in lethal environment spiders dampness etcIn new DSM they have changed PTSD from anxiety disorder to a trauma disorder Pavlov conditioned responses CS UCS CR eglittle albert and little hansFreud and hysteria model little hans saw carriage tip over and people get hurt grew a phobia to horses For freud said it was a psychosexual problem with his mother a hysterical response to something he had witnessed John B Watson and behavioral modelbrought in to littler albert and little white animals Made obnoxious noise before seeing animal creates a phobia called it transferenceWW2 battle exhaustion ASD in ww1 called it shell shockDr Anand Babies Do feel Pain saying have memory for pain when men are circumcised it affects them in their mid ages For year it affected doctors He was trying to convince that causes performance anxiety has psycho sexual issues in mid agesMeichenbaumD AmbientAmbient Stimulipeople who witness tragic events like 911 or boston bombings can be triggered by ambient stimuliPost Traumatic Stress Disorders1860s Civil WarDr MarshallFaint HeartRoman conquest of many soldiers in battle of Cannaie 16 BC Libiyans killed mass amount Happened in Italy over 2000
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