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abnormal psychololgy brain disorders aquired ecture notes.docx

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ECON 1000
Ardeshir Noordeh

Abnormal PsychologyAcquired Brain Damage6 Qs from todays lec on examJune 102013 Acquired brain diseases something you can acquire lateron in development Focal Damage Dyslexia angular gyrus right hemisphere difficulty reading and spelling used to think these people were retarded left them ostracized from society Lots of talents thoughhave normal IQVideo talks about angular gyrustells them that area of brain that transfers info is not working to decipher the code of information dyslexics have to work harder to understand the same information actually have a different area that lights up in brain Usually genetic thought to be on chromosome 13 is comorbid with ADHD most common type of psychiatric illness in children and it cannot be seen in mriReading is in Left brainVideoin right side there is considerableblood flow and neural activity in dyslexic brain there is less of this this may lead to early diagnosis prof said more right brained growth more testosterone in males this is also why they are left handed Autismamygdala andCHAT test at18 months 3 yrs do they copy you do they point eye contact etc it shows if the mirror neurons are working that they relate to youto test for autism it is an early neurological test Even jittery movements in an infant facial expressions can possibly show you if a child has autism Retts syndrome autism in only girls no verbal skills sterotyped hand movementsYacabonis mirror neurons allow to recognize and interact with others even monkeys have mirror neruonsused to teach empathy and reciprocity using social signals Video part of being human is to recognize emotions in others how do we understand this 15 years ago scientists in Italy discovered mirror neurons this may be reason we can tell what others are going through The same brain cells used when we hear observe and action are primed for our own action They mimic what is going on in the brains of others Yacaboni said this is the basis of empathy ADHD and Tourettes syndromedopamine 510 of youth three times as many boys as girls cannot detect on cat scan with a pet scan on adults found that metabolized sugars slower in front area of the brain7X more likely to get in trouble with law
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