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abnormal psychololgy gangs and terrorism lecture notes.docx

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ECON 1000
Ardeshir Noordeh

ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Gangs and TerrorismSome terror groups started off as gangs eg hitlers people brown shirtsHISTORY OF GANGSGangs of Newyork 1860s eg when immigrants came over people developed own culturally similar gangs Video Gangs of Newyork movie battles between the natives of the area Two major gangs that protect their ethnic communities Catholtics natives to area againist protestant irish that just arrivedExperiement on Over population Behavioral Sync rats put into a miniature city had 4 rooms2 rooms has 2 entrances each and two rooms had only one entrance each Rats like to be around other rats to eat the rooms with more entrances had more rats in the CALHOUN Jnoticed that rats started to kill one another started raping rats and killing rats of the opposite rat groupings etc TOMKINSScript theorywe have ideas about our people our areas etc also ideas of theoutsider Video the Sumari code of honour Japan no surrendering will die for their emperorthey ARE NOT psychopaths because they have attachment to s
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