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Sample Real GDP Calculation-2.doc

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ECON 1010
Sadia Mariam Malik

Sample Real GDP Calculation Econ 102-1 Alley Nominal GDP is calculated by summing the value of goods and services produced in a given year using the prices of these outputs in that year. If the general price level increases or decreases from one year to the next, it is difficult to compare the amount of output that a country produces across different years. To correct for this, we want to value output in every year using the same prices. In other words, we calculate real GDP. Consider the following example: Nominal GDP for each of three years is as follows: 2001: $10 trillion 1996: $7.813 trillion 1968: $1 trillion In order to calculate real GDP for each year, we need to first pick a base year. We will use 1996. For each year (except the base year), we calculate a GDP deflator, which is a number, that, when divided into nominal GDP and multiplied by 100, yields the real GDP for that year. Precisely, nomGDP realGDP = GDPdeflato r *100 The GDP deflator is calculated by the following technique: 1. Construct a “basket of goods.” This basket represents things that an average family purchases in a year. For our example, we will not specify the make-up of this ba
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