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ECON 1540
Rebecca Jubis

Review Questions1 Two lines in the hydrogen spectrum are coloured violet and bluegreen Violet light has more energy than bluegreen light How does the Bohr theory explain the origin of these two lines2 Ethanol and propane have almost exactly the same molar mass Explainwhy there is such a large difference in their respective boiling pointsPropane C3H642Ethanol C2H50H78Write a balanced equation for the following reactionsa The complete combustion of ethanol using molecular formulasb methanol reacting with ethanoic acid in the prescence of an acid catalyst Remember to use structural formulas for all organic compounds in your equations3AlkaneBoiling Point CAlkyl chloride Bp CCH4 164CH3Br24C2H6 89C2H5Br 12C3H8 42C3H2Br 14a What effect does the size of the molecule have on the boiling point for both groups of compoundsb Identify the type of intermolecular bonding that occurs in both groups of compounds Use the intermolecular bonding found in each compound to explain the difference in boiling points betweeen two groups4 a Write a chemical equation showing the synthesis of polyvinyl chlorideb why is this reaction an example of an addition polymerization5 Use halfreactions to write a balanced equation for the following net ionic equation Assume that the reaction is occurring in waterCr2O7 2 NOCr 3NO3 1
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