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York University
EDUC 3310
Dena Demos

INLE 2200 November 6, 2013 Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria by Tatum: Explanation Video  In her book, Daniel Tatum describes racism – many believe that it does no longer existed after the civil rights era, however this is not true  Racism not an in ideology – but a system within institutions as well as the beliefs of individuals  Identity made up of a looking glass self – world is multidimensional mirror in which we see ourselves the way other people see ourselves o If people classify us as one way, then we begin to see ourselves that way  Racial identity development begins as early as preschool – socialized with societal norms  At 7 grade – students see themselves as who am I and see each other in racial terms o White students do not understand black students, but people do not NOTICE white people sitting together  After college, individuals re-examine themselves until development o Racial development never complete – lives evolve  White identity in relation to affirmative action – needed due to overtly racist social institutions  No single definitive path for identity development o However – common path consist
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