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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
Gordon Turpin

16/09/10 Computer Science 1520 (Gordan Turpin) Office Hours: CSE 3020 Tuesday and Thursday from 1:15 – 2:15 Parts of the Computer  Processor (CPU) o All computations occur here o Used for storage (small amount, quick, expensive)  Memory (RAM) o Compared to Sequential Access Memory o This is so that it is quicker to retrieve memory, instead of following a spool, it accesses the info at about the same time o Used for storage (not used to work on anything, copied into and out of Main Memory)  Hard-drive o Several spinning platters turning on a spindle o Used for storage (used if things are not in main memory) o When computer is off ALL files are in HDD, when computer is on most files are in HDD  For CPU and RAM, when power is off everything is lost. Not the case for HD
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