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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
EECS 1520
Heather Jenkins

Part B – Construct Excel formulas [8 points] Use only the data shown to answer the following questions. All ranges have been named using the labels that appear in the worksheets. The graphics below are taken from an Inventory/Sales system. The left worksheet includes parameters:  Categories are used to select the Rate to apply to calculate Markup. In the right worksheet:  Code and Cost hold data entered by the user.  Code includes the category of each item as the last character  and the Stockroom number as the last digit.  Category, Markup, Price, and Stockroom are calculated. Categories Rate Code Cost Category Markup Price Stockroom B 100% 123W $ 3.40 W $ 5.10 $ 8.50 3 G 125% 254B $ 9.84 B $ 9.84 $ 19.68 4 M 110% 256W $ 5.60 W $ 8.40 $ 14.00 6 W 15
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