EN 1006 Lecture Notes - Jane Austen, Narration, Fee Tail

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Published on 17 Apr 2013
York University
EN 1006
English 1100 B March 5, 2009
Jane Austin
Experience of men and women dictated by their gender
Novels concentrate on character and personality
Have a fair for the dramatic
Depict tensions between protagonists and society
Display wit and realism
Wanted to have her novels read by many people and even
purchased something that was not the norm at the time as
novels were very expensive
Her writings changed the gender roles between men and woman
(removing woman from household, and =necessity for marriage
Austin the Writer
Parodied existing literary forms
Sentimental fiction; any type of fiction that exploits reader’s
capacity for tenderness, compassion, or sympathy by presenting
unrealistic views of its subject
Narrative centres around tempering of “pride and prejudice”
oNo love of first sight
oMain characters had each other upon first sight
Mr. Darcy as a new type of hero
Between October 1796 and august 1797 Austen completed first
version of Pride and Prejudice
oOriginal title First Impressions
First paragraph in chapter 7 (pg. 20 of oxford edition)
Women have difficult inheriting property
To Entail – to restrict to a prescribed succession of people
Example – Bennet’s estate entailed to male heirs
Eventually in 1809 Jane Austen settled in a home, and she began
to write her books
Austen as Published Author
Sense and Sensibility (1811), published anonymously
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Both her well reviewed
Prince Regent (later George IV) had a set in each of his
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Document Summary

Austen as published author : sense and sensibility (1811), published anonymously, pride and prejudice (1813, both her well reviewed, prince regent (later george iv) had a set in each of his residences. What are some genres of pride and prejudice: satire, strong element of realism (a blend of social classes) Generic hybridity of p&p : hybrid of romance and comedy, satire and sentiment, fairytale and realism, verisimilitude (truthfulness) of conversation and character, romantic endings, not like the romantic poet characters overcome the odds and end in marriage. Plain girls are seen as beautiful: fairytale narrative: opposites attract, economically, underprivileged girl wins her prince, unlike romantic heroes: austen"s heroes and heroines intricately involved in their society. In terms of realism there is great attention given to realistic dialogue. What about the tone of the text: there is an omniscient narrator but moves between the first person narrator to the third person narrator also known free indirect discourse.

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