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EN 1006 Lecture Notes - Petrarchan Sonnet, Geoffrey Chaucer

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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

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Geoffrey Chaucer wrote from 1100-1500
Wrote in middle English
His irony
His humour
His literary and visual portraits
Canterbury Tales address such issues as:
o Faith
o Commerce
o Class
o Worldliness and hypocrisy of Church
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
A romance
Code of chivalry
Importance of truthfulness
Troth: faith pledged by one’s word and owed to a lord, spouse, or anyone who
outs someone else under and obligation
Sonnets Through the Ages
Love, trails, and tribulations
Spiritual devotion
Writer’s block (Sidney’s Sonnet 1)
Death (Donne and Shakespeare)
Petrarchan vs. Shakespearean Sonnets
William Shakespeare
Elizabethan poet, dramatist, actor
Othello as outsider
Order vs. Chaos
Race and racial stereotypes
Misogynistic stereotypes about woman
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