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25 Mar 2014

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Gender Studies I
EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie
Lecture 4 – Oct 7
Fall On Your Knees
- Events that happened in relation to the plot that are important in the first half of
the book:
oMiner’s strike
The miner’s strike isolates the family.
James’ mother doesn’t want him to go down to the mind; an
economic disadvantage and because it is dangerous. But he
decides to go for his family.
Is one of the early examples in which we can see alienation
(James’) from the community. And he claims his alienation is due to
his need to help his family.
Closely tied to being a father.
Also about aspiration; social and personal. He’s going to do better
for himself and for his family.
Morality – James invariably justifies his choices by saying that his
sense of morality as a father leads him to do these things.
Ethics – the golden rule.
Cultural mores – ‘Don’t hit your sister because in Canada we don’t
do that’; much more about what society says is correct or incorrect.
Someone likes James to see everyone in rigid moral terms, and yet
he does something that is unethical and he cannot justify but it is
related to his morality.
Someone like Francis who seems immoral, yet she operates to her
certain kinds of values. Has a system in which she understands
herself based on her own cultural understanding.
oKathleen goes to New York.
Partially aspirational.
At some level it is escape.
Her relationships with her father has negative and positive. The
positive – he encourages her musical career, he creates her
aspiration, her aspirations are very much musical.
Why opera? The idea that Opera is the highest of arts, and the
most complex arts.
Why do we think of her as pretentious? People who like opera are
viewed as high class and pretentious. The villain or bad person
usually has opera in the background. It reminds us of a past age.
The big operas are old. It takes a high level of skill to sing.
She has no friends because she is the best of the best and
therefore there is no opportunity.
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