EN 2011 Lecture Notes - Existentialism, Essentialism, Marital Rape

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25 Mar 2014

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Gender Studies I
EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie
Lecture 9 – Nov 11
-5 things that are either from traffic n women or an incidence that represents
some aspect of traffic in women:
Marriage & Kinship
-Is marriage an inevitable exchange for women?
-Rituals can be practiced without belief.
-If you’re engaging in a ritual that is about the exchange of women, even if you
change the words and the system, you are still doing the same thing.
-Financially, we don’t say that only the son gets the property.
-Women take on the last name of the husband.
-Initiated by the men.
-As our apparent belief in the individual value of the women has changes, our
social systems have changed.
-In modern day, it’s the wedding that takes over the idea. It’s all about the actual
wedding day. You’re whole life has led to this day.
-The ritual of the exchange, like in the older days, is the day of your life.
-The ritual of the exchange is not something which we don’t believe in but it’s the
day of your life where this ritual happens.
-It’s all about the dress…
-Every time a celebrity gets married, there’s a big control during the ceremony, but
the biggest control is the dress. The fashion consultant is sworn to secrecy.
-It’s all about sexual packaging; it’s about making yourself into a sexual object.
-Women want to be trafficking in their own sexuality.
oWomen protect sexuality for religious reasons.
oCovering women: to inhibit the sexuality.
-If the male power is something that is active, the female power is something to
be gained by a male.
-Women who have a lot of sexual power must present it as an exchange.
-Is the idea of the exchange of women imprinted to humans?
-Language is the only way that we can understand.
-What does this mean?
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