EN 3535 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Hermia, Tinker Bell

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3 Aug 2016
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May 19th 2016
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Lysander + Hermia (equally love each other)
Demetrius loves Hermia but Hermia does not
Helena loves Demetrius
Act 4 Scene 1
Helena and Demetrius were engaged at one point (1685)
Demetrius dumps Helena after promising to marry her, and then goes after Hermia
*After, Hermia loves Lysander but Lysander loves Helena and Helena loves
Demetrius but Demetrius loves Hermia (one way circle)
*Each couple represents a different kind of love and a different kind of relationship
(some of them abusive, manipulative, reciprocal, some upper class/lower class etc.)
-These are all forbidden relationships that are imagined through the magic dust
(forbidden = relationships that are not meant to be; these relationships are not
meant to happen)
-Comedy is about fantasy, wish fulfillment (comedy is supposed to be the platform
where these dreams are to be acted out)
Saturnalia -> kind of like Christmas (for one week in Rome, all social/moral
restrictions were removed, you could be anybody, dress like anybody or have sexual
relations with people without having social consequences)
-MSND is about that escape like Saturnalia where everyone experiences fantasies
*Why does the text want us to withhold judgement on Demetrius?
Perhaps we are getting invited to think that love invites us in so many ways
that we think that Demetrius isn’t at fault
*People fall in/out of love even though they may have good intentions
-Humans are often victimized by our own desires
*Love hits people in ways that humans cannot control (why people make big messes
when their in love)
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Act 1 Scene 1
*Hermia starts talking in rhyming couplets -> poetry (because she is in love) 215
Act 1 Scene 2
-Lovers have no idea why they are falling in and out of love, but all they know is that
they are
-They don’t have control over it
-Titania -> adopts an Indian boy (Oberon is not the father)
*Midsummer -> symbolizes purification and fresh summer (June 21)
Act 2 Scene 1
Titania reveals that she was not unfaithful to Oberon, but wanted to care for the
Indian boy because his mother died of childbirth
Act 2 Scene 2
*Dictionary of symbols (cirlot)
Act 3 Scene 1
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