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EN 1001

September 25   Academic Integrity Quiz 1. Prose Nonfiction --> fiction  Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own  Why is this text on the course: as transition between prose nonfiction and prose fiction; genre issues; gender issues  Room of One's Own is nonfiction; it was originally given as a lecture 2. Critical Reading Strategies  Pat attention to your own responses: are you bored? Why? Is it the style, ideas, subject?  What kind of texture is this: it's a hybrid of different genres, ex. monologue  Think about style and technique and why they're used  Woolf's book refuses to be slotted easily into any one category  Uses lots of fictional devices  Published 5 major novels before giving her lecture, A Room of One's Own  She was recognized as the leading female writer of the time  "Fernham": Girton College (1869) - 1st residential institution of higher learning for women in the U.K. Style & Technique  Stream-of-consciousness technique: style that imitates flow of thoughts/feeling in the same way we experience them  Images & symbols - Imagery: figurative language, or language that evokes sense impression; Symbol: any concrete thing or action that implies a meaning beyond its literal sense  Blurring fact and fiction, "truth" and "lies"  Names  Narrator/persona/tone of voice  You can't divorce fiction from life: Woolf says if you're going to talk about "women and fiction" in a useful way, you need to look at the conditions women have to function under  Images & symbols: "Oxbridge" = Oxford & Cambridge  p. 13 - the lunch at the male college  Describes in detail the men's luncheon she was at; describes briefly the women's di
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