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EN 1001

October 2 Assignment to be written in tutorial next week! (10%) Bring anthology to class and print off a copy of the academic integrity quiz Prose Fiction: Short Stories 1. Intro to the genre a. Definitions: how short is "short"? b. Generic features (compression) -Plot: few events, condensed structure -Characterization: only 1 or 2 major characters, developed mainly through what they do, say, or think in the moment c. Economy of language -A short story is usually limited to one effect (ex. horror) and one or two characters; characters are examined by what they do in the moment; there is usually a simple plot with little or no digression -There's an intro, rising action, climax, resolution; but many short stories start right at the climax; "Story of an Hour" gets right into the action--> "your husband's been killed" -economy of language: every word needs to count; since you can't have a lot of description you have to pick the most important; this means the reader needs to be more aware; short stories share characteristics with novels 2. Reading short stories: categories of analysis a. Title: ex. "The Lottery" brings to mind certain images; what does the title focus on - person, place, etc b. Point of view or narrative perspective -1st person -3rd person: omniscient, limited, or limited omniscient c. Symbols and images -Imagery: visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, tactile -Anything that can be experienced through our senses d. Symbols: traditional (or conventional) and incidental (or contextual) 3. Setting & atmosphere 4. Control conflict & turning points 5. Narrative structure a. Anachronies (order in time): flashbacks or foreshadowing b. Story vs. plot c. Summary & scene 6. Story's conclusion or denouement 7. Thematic concerns 8. Relation to other texts on (or outside) the course 9. Overall impressions  "Hills Like White Elephants": title makes you think it's somewhere far away, and possibly a poetic work because there's a simile in the title  "Story of an Hour" p. 61: title gives a sense of irony once you've read the story; there's also irony at the end of the story because she says that life will be long and then she dies  If any item is repeated, it may have symbolic meaning; ex. red=passion, birds=freedom  Can be used for good ironic effect  In "The Lottery," the black box is very important, it takes centre stage; in "Interpreter of Maladies," the father always takes pictures - what does this say about how he sees the world  All readings from this week are in 3rd person  An omniscient narrator knows everything and can provide more i
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