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October 9  In-class Assignment: Bring Anthology to tutorial!!!! you can write notes in the margins of the book, but no additional notes; lasts 45 minutes; write a rough draft and hand it in with the final copy; hand in academic integrity quiz  Ch. 9, "Literary Criticism and Literary Theory"  "Girl," p. 380 - short story/prose poem (poem because if the rhythm, which is based on repetition ); no paragraph breaks or sentence break - it has clauses strung together with semi-colons, but there's no final closure until you get to the question mark at the end; draws your attention to the language, rather than the story; p. 1268 talks about formalism and new criticism as an approach to literary criticism - looks at the text especially in terms of language and styles - not interested in anything outside the text (like time period, author, etc; other theories insist on examining these "outside" things)  "Girl" doesn't have what we usually think of as necessary to a story - it has no plot; the story suggests there's some sort of linear development, but that's a promise that's not fulfilled; the narrative structure is notable in this story by its absence (this is also part of the form)  addresses how the girl experiences the woman - there's an older woman (possibly her mother) passing along knowledge in the form of orders and instructions; there are no pauses, which suggests there's no room for conversation/exchange of views  the first time the girl interrupts, it doesn't even register with the mother; the second (and last) time, the "I" speaks - the older woman/mother responds by incorporating the question into her response/her own agenda  gives the sense of being lectured/yelled at, and certainly not being listened to; what's going to happen to the girl is not as important as learning how to be proper in any situation  it also suggests the girl doesn't expect much to happen in her life; this girl doesn't have a story and she can't expect much to happen - she has a set role and a cyclical schedule of activities - her choice is to be a slut or to accept her role in her community, which isn't really a choice at all  the title reinforces the story - she's a generic person, defined entirely by her gender roles - lends itself to a feminist stance, but it can also address how prescribed roles affect men - can relate it to "Balto," where the father is dealing with what's expected of him as a man  point of view: in the second person (it's not written, but it's directed at the reader), imperative voice - highly unusual, but in this case it's highly appropriate, it reveals the relationship between the mother and daughter; characterization: direct (narrator says this character reveals a sense of immaturity, etc) or indirect (everything we learn about the speaker is learned through her words and actions)? Indirect.; there's no apparent interest in what the girl herself might think or want - the mother is all "do this,
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