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EN 1001
Peter Paolucci

Appropriate tone • Formal, no colloquialisms, no shortened words (it’s should be it is) Clear thesis • Thesis statement – most important part of your essay – roadmap to your essay • Argumentatative, specific, well supported through textual evidence. • It analyzes rather than summarizes • Thesis statement should be in the first paragraph • Avoid over-generalisations • Assume reader is very familiar with text • Typically contains strong action words: analyse, compare, interpret. o If your thesis lacks strong verbs, it probably isn’t a thesis. o This essay argues that Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting explores the politics of contemporary Scottish identity by creating an allegory between British imperialism and addiction. • Have a clear outline. • Style is as important as content. • Brainstorm and then narrow the field of inquiry according to the question being asked. • Complex arguments are best expressed in simple language • Avoid plot summary!!! • Look to the text first Coherent structure • Address each paragraph as a mini-essay. • There will be a logical progression from paragraph to paragraph • Don’t define critica
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