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The Decay of Lying by Oscar Wilde & Book X by Plato - Notes.docx

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EN 1001
Thomas Loebel

The Decay of LyingBy Oscar WildeSummaryRomanticism vs RealismNature and life imitate art not the reverseVivian thinks Nature is uncomfortableimperfectArt exists to correct natureArt never expresses anything but itselfDoesnt imitate anythingVivian the decay of lying as an art a science a social pleasureImagination should be the principle in making artDoesnt think that writers should have to describe social reality to make their characters become realProving life and nature imitates artWhen a character is created or stylestate of mind people in real life imitate itNature is no great mother who has borne us She is our creation It is in our brain that she quickens to life Things are because we see them and what we see and how we see it depends on the Arts that have influenced us Wilde wants artists to stop imitating real life and to appropriate life and nature with the aim of creating a new reality through of lyingThe only real people are the people who never existed and if a novelist is base enough to go to life for his personages he should at least pretend that they are creations and not boast of them as copies The justification of a character in a novel is not that other personas are what they are but that the author is what he isImaginationGoes back to when author shouldnt make characters based on real lifeOver exaggeration overly sarcasticImagination isnt always 100 realMaybe the best art isnt limited by realityHes interpreting from other peoples personality and putting them into his writingSpoke of Nature not being ArtSometimes fictional characters are more real to usThe justification of a character in a novel is not that other personas are what they are but that the author is what he isPeople arent supposed to pay attention to the person they should pay attention to the author a piece of the authorSays Realism attention to detail is boring and you cant learn anything from itAgainst repetitionDoesnt like when artists paint things exactly Book X
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