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Lecture points for Paolucci's library exercise

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EN 1001
Peter Paolucci

October 4 - Read Othello - research secondary sources of Othello - sometimes may have to actually visit the library because the resources are not always online - start your research early - the answer for the essay is through what you think, so make sure you have an opinion - there are two types of sources: popular and academic. Popular sources are not peer reviewed: newspaper for example. USE ACADEMIC - two types of academic publishing: books and academic journals (periodicals) - go to york e-resources or google scholar to search for the articles. There are contemporary periodicals, which mean current. Better to go for journals than books - Academic writing: thoroughness, (so research more than you need) accuracy and meticulousness, balance and fairness, (explore topic from number of different perspectives so have a voice, your job to make case as strong as possible but your job also is to expose the weakest point of your argument) clarity in complexity (express the complex idea and express it quickly, express an obvious idea and look at it in a more sophisticated way) and once you have all of this you get transparency of
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