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EN 1001
Peter Paolucci

OTHELLO Matrix Two Axes: One: Romance: the ideal world opposite Satire Satire: Flawed world. Two types of Satire: Horace (world looked upon fondly. Making fun of people you know. Poke fun. Juvenalian (condemn the world, disgusting) Two: Comedy (justice, people who misbehaved are punished properly. Punishment suits the crime. Forgiveness, redemption, unity of community, rebuilding relationships) Opposite: Tragedy Tragedy (tragos: goat. Selected goat to purade through the village. Goat represented the sins. Every new year, goat stoned. Scape goat (person who’s punished for something they haven’t done) This is what tragedy is. No forgiveness, isolation, alienation (symbolized as death but not always). Justice is not done and broken relationships are not mended. Difference between Greek Tragedy and Shakespearian Tragedy: Greek Tragedy: Greeks have a concept of the three unities: time, place, and action. Action could only be 24 hrs, in one place, one single plot so no subplot. Only three people speaking on stage. Includes fatalism (whatever characters decide on the event is pre-set anyway. The harder
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