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Intertextualities EN 1002 – Summer 2010 – Cheryl Crawford Lecture 2 – Intertext – June 24 - Literary: o Written o Novels/advertising o Scripts, poetry. o Prose. - Movies - Art, visual, music o Sculpture - Bodies (ourselves as text) - Performance arts - Landmarks (i.e. buildings [i.e. cn tower in Toronto]) - Religious symbols. Three Useful Points - Even so-called ‘foundational’ texts, such as the Bible or Shakespeare’s plays, are intertextual. - Definitions offer us strategies for identifying intertextual relationships. - From the Latin, intertexto, meaning ‘to intermingle while weaving’. Close Reading Strategies - Read with a pencil in hand, and annotate the text. - Look for patterns in the things you’ve noticed about the text – repetitions, contradictions, similarities. - Ask questions about the patterns you’ve noticed – especially how and why. Think, Pair, Share - Think – On your own, re-read Genesis 1:1-7. Highlight details that are surprising, significant, or that raise questions. - Pair – Compare you annotations to those of a neighbour. - What is the text trying to do? How does it do it? Genesis - Binaries: o Chaos and order [there is formlessness there and God creates order] - This is a story that accounts for the order and chaos of the economy and that its influence accounts for the fact that dichotomies are the elemental structure of western society. - How language affects our relationship to the world. This story is on two levels is
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