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Intertextualities EN 1002 – Summer 2010 – Cheryl Crawford Lecture 6 – A Room of One’s Own – July 13 Shakespeare’s Sisters - Shakespeare’s sisters: o Judith Shakespeare and Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’ o Judith’s brother William and King Lear. - CCWH Part 4: Writing Effective Sentences, sections 31-42. - Issue of the quotation: Issue of anger in Woolf’s text and how the relation of it relates to Intertextualities in the category of genre. - Upset that MC is not as good a writer as the writers that came before her. - Irony and sincerity was showed. - Was Woolf being sincere about the problem in women’s writing? - ‘Was writing in range but she should have been writing calmly’. - Page 136, she wasn’t talking about women writers, she was talking about writers writing in the perspective about just one gender. - Woolf mentions how Shakespeare does not bring his emotions into his writing; We don’t see the anger of the author but rather the feelings of the characters. - She uses Shakespeare as her example of the one writer who’s achieved the incandescent mind. He focuses on his story and not a grieving state. - Polemical – a thorough written attach on some opinion or policy. - It’s about freeing her own creative expression from those immaterial conditions that impose on women. - A woman needs immaterial conditions – use those convert means of writing that enable her to free her own creative expression. - A shift that would have been needed to make change in her society. - She concludes with a hopeful tone in chapter six. Narration - Narration seems to be very effective for Woolf to make her argument because it enables her to be herself. Judith Shakespeare - Uses her to explore the paradox that becomes the essential question as she is researching women and literature. o Paradox of working class: you can’t be a genius in the working class, but Shakespeare is in the working class and he is a genius, and therefore because women are born into the working class women should be genius. o Paradox, the relation between women in and women and literature: while it seems that women seem important in literature, women are nowhere to be seen writing literature; women in literature because a figure. Bishop suggests that there is something heredity missing in women and therefore they cannot be writers. Cats do not go to heaven, and women can’t write like Shakespeare; she conceives that the Bishop may have been correct when he says that it’s impossible to be as smart as Shakespeare. Woolf is putting the quote in historical context of the time, Women were not able to write like Shakespe
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