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Romeo & Juliet and Shakespeare - Lecture 2.docx

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York University
EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Key WordsRomance genreSourcePoint of viewStarcrossedNarrative framingTruthclaimChronologyRenaissanceTranslationPlagiarismGenderPrehistory of the novelOriginalitydedicationBrooke Englishes the storyWrote a poem about Romeo and Juliet that was 3000 words longBrooke turns the story into a poetic narrative brings in poetic traditionsUses visual imagery of light and dark Courtly Love and Petrarchan poetic traditionsoMoon sun stars snow fire nightParallels between Romeus and Juliet emphasize mutualityoParallelism in speeches reactions feelings experiencesoJuliet is rational Romeus is emotional to match heroRomeus falls in love first but Juliet is introduced as a Petrarchan lover Makes a long narrative of it Adds structural symmetries and parallelismUses an intrusive narratorUses other characters as ironic foils for the lovers sets them offBrookes framing preface seems to blame the lovers as rash youth but the story actually doesnt blame themoWhats the message the story is trying to get acrossBrooke mentions seeing a play version now lostAuthors reveal their designs by rewriting the storyBoaistuauEmotionalism greatly increases emotions especially weepingIncreases gendered differences between the two loversJuliets character is weak feminine submissive her body is a focus of lurid attentionAdds interest in accumulation of material wealthAdds Juliets suicide using Romeos daggerAdds punishment at the end apothecary hanged nurse banishedTruthclaim this is written historyNurse is helpful Friar is old but good
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