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Lecture 4

Northanger Abbey Volume II - Lecture 4.docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Northanger Abbey Volume IIThe narrators roleThe Gothic and gothic romanceThe Enlightenment and the SublimeIs Jane Austen a feministKey Words SettingParodySensibilityThe SublimeThe GothicRomanticismThe Mysteries of UdolphoAnn RadcliffeIronyTaste th18 century EnlightenmentPleasureSensationalism Austens narratorBiggest difference between epistolary diction and other forms is the presence of the narratorThe narrator influences our opinions of charactersThey tell us about characters and what they thinkThey show us characters from a particular angleThe narrator takes us into characters mindsThe narrator comments on characters thoughts and actionsoEncountering opinionIn all these ways the narrator sets up judges and exposes characters for us and is a very strong influence on how we interpret themshe is not omniscient or neutralNarrator telling us about charactersHer plan for the morningone at leisure to answer her or not 4950oSets Mrs Allen up as an imbecile oTalks whether someone is listening or notoSays she has a vacancy of mind and incapacity for thinkingNarrator shows us characters from an angleConversation between Catherine and Mr Thorpe James going on the carriageoThorpe contradicts himself emphaticallyoBrings his love for moneyoPlays into the plotNarrator takes us into characters mindsConversation with Isabella who claims she needs to go on an outing but already made prior engagements with Miss TilneyoNarrator floats into characters mind freeindirectdiscourseshe must go she should go and they would not hear of a refusalNarrator comments on characters thoughts and actions often ironically
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