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Lecture 3

Northanger Abbey - Lecture 3.docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Northanger Abbey Parody and IntertextualityKey Words NovelRomance genreFree indirect discourseEpistolary novelNarratorPlotth18 century novelWriting to the momentRealismHeroineSettingIronyCivilityDialogueRichardsonPamelaThe Rise of the NovelthInvented in the 18 centuryWasnt high literature and disparaged for appealing to a female readershipAuthors from a wide crosssection of the middle classesReflects influence of middleclass readership including womenDue to middle class authorsreaders the novel shows great concerns with money class status and social mobilityoBuying and selling shopping dress and fashionoAcquisition and accumulation of wealth and propertyoNarratives of wish fulfillment take delight in telling readers about money status objectsoReveal and critique social climbing and falling class pretensions imitating upper class behavioursPamelaparents have come down in the world and she sends her parents moneyNorthanger AbbeyThe Thorpes imitate upper class behaviourRealism is the style of writing associated with the novelRealism is a set of narrative procedures conventions for describing and referring to the material worldoIt is not reality and not about things being realistic ie probableoProbability belongs to logic how humans perceive reality belongs to epistemologytwo fields of philosophy not literary studiesRealism is a set of illusionistic effects which together create the illusion or feel of realityoWe are conditioned to them in novels contrast different conventions of the romance genreCharacter individualized engaged in everyday experiences represented as having a consciousness interior life memory of the past
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