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Lecture 9

The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot (Part 3) - Lecture 9.docx

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York University
EN 1002
Judith Deitch

Intertextuality and the Waste LandTradition and the Individual TalentEast meets WestEliot reads The Waste LandKey WordsFisher KingEastern philosophy Western literatureBuddhismLiterary historyThe BibleReligionImagerySymbolismThemeEssayTraditionMythSyncretismAsceticismShantihProphetTradition and the Individual TalentthMost important literary critical essay of the 20 century both Modernist and antimodernistoLiterary Modernism Eliot sees himself as a modernoVs modernism as get rid of the past modern scienceImportant theorizing about the poet authorArguing against the notion of the author as a great genius who stands head and shoulders about his predecessors or contemporariesNot inexplicable freak of nature artist as insane Van Gogh nonnormative chosen by godsNot explicable in terms of psychology his childhood his adolescence etcThe author is not simply trying to do something new novelty is not the goaloNot about finding your voiceWriting poetry is not primarily therapy for the poet not relieving pentup emotionsWriting poetry is not massaging your ego or immortalizing your ego not a record of you and your experiencesWriting poetry is not an escape from real lifeRejects our tendency to insistdifference from his predecessors114oArguing against simpleminded notion of originalityWhereas if we approach a poetimmortality most vigorously 114 oUse of paradox logical contradiction to explain deeper truthsEx Im cold and hot at the same time paradox
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