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Lecture 8

The Waste Land - Lecture 8.docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

The Waste LandIntertextuality and AllusionKey WordsPoetrySecondary sourcesPrimary sourcesCriticismTraditionAllusionCosmopolitanismClassicsTropeImageryTiresiasFascismIronyParodyBaudelaire Research AssignmentYour induction into reading and studying literary criticismoThe analyses of people who have studied the textsoSecondary sources like readings by Richards and Leavis for this weekat one remove a tier above dependent onoPrimary sources the original literary textYou learn to write criticism by reading criticism oWhat kind of connections do they makeoHow to they set up their essaysoHow do they present evidenceYou are in training to become a critic of literature you are invited to participate in academic cultureoAn essay in criticism is a sustained line of reasoning on one narrow particular aspect related to the original textoRequires scholarshipLooking things up detective work ability to formulate and solve a problemPrimary sources The Waste Land and intertext from the NortonoRead the poem and notes with your topic in mindoRead the other material assigned follow the syllabusSecondary sourcesoFind out what other people have said about your topicoParticipate in a discussion about literatureoGoing further apply what others have said differently getting ideas from what others have saidEliots Notes to The Waste Land
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