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Lecture 10

The Autobiography of Malcolm X - Lecture 10.docx

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EN 1002
Judith Deitch

The Autobiography of Malcolm XBy Alex HaleyKey WordsAutobiographyRaceRacismHarlemJazz eraBlack Arts MovementCivil Rights MovementBlack PowerWhitenessPolemicNarratorSlangNationalismBlack MuslimsConkZoot suitClassTraumaConversionTextNovelizationMusic with intertextualityoThe Sound of MusicMy Favourite ThingsJulie AndrewsTook a different way of presenting the song Jazz pieceThe AutobiographyoEvery time I was written it was Alex Hayley not Malcolm XCollaborationoNot a novelThere are certain textual qualities that come into play IntertextualityIntertextuality of life and textlife becomes textIntertextuality of genregenre of autobiographylife writing both mainstream and Black American autobiographyIntertextuality of genrenovelization of factual autobiography imposition of themes vivid scenes character plot settingreads like a novelIntertextuality of history and textrevisionist history to include marginalized group Black American HistoryoHistoryhistorycrude material of what happened in the past vs the grand narratives that have been formulated and retoldthoAlternative histories of American in the 20 century from segregation through Civil Rights to Black Power
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