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York University
EN 1006
Alison Halsall

March 19 2009 An Introduction to the Victorian Period  The Industrial Revolution  Women in the Goblin Market  Imperialism The “Victorian”: Resembles or is typified by “the attitudes attributed to the Victorian era; especially, prudish, morally strict; old- fashioned, out dated.” The Victorian Period (1837-1901)  Social and industrial “progress”  CHANGE: o Social o Political o Economic The Industrial Revolution  Began in 18 century England  Change from an agrarian economy to industrial economy  Machines replaced hand labour  New energy sources: coal and steam power  Growth of factory system The Factory System  Mass migration into industrial towns  Invention of working class  Exploitation of labourer: o Women o Children  Led to government regulation and inspection of working conditions “The Cry of the Children”  The children in the poem have no innocence,  They have bitter adult knowledge of despair to prove it The World Of Letters  Victorian age was Age of the Novel  Three-volume format (Victorian “triple-deckers”) was standard vehicle of publication  Serialization of stories in newspapers and periodicals o Ex. Dickens The Victorians and Gender  Separate sphere in ideology  Men belong in public o Strong, practical, rational  Women in private sphere o Passive, emotional, irrational Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”  Published in 1862  Religious allegory?  Sensual sexual story?  Fairy tale?  Children’s story?  Uses details of va
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