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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

March 12 2009  Austen and the creation of English Literature  The Bennet legacy  The prejudice of first impressions Pride and Prejudice  Individuals negotiating personal needs in relation to external social demands and internal moral codes  Movement of two individuals towards marriage  Progress towards civility Jane Austen  Courtship and marriage  Ironically rendered morals of country life  Conduct fiction  Ladies’ fiction  To concerned with local  Held open a new world for women  Is a historical and literary figure  Jane Austen inspires an obsession, approaching frenzy  In films, bringing a text to life for a wider audience Edward Said – Orientalism What Viewers Want  A high cultural aesthetic that values: o Literature o History o Class hierarchy o An appreciation of irony and satire o Englishness o Dialogue-driven narratives o Repression of foul language and overt sexuality The Heritage Film  Industry aims to preserve past glory of British culture and identity through recreation of “great” literature  To bring viewer back to re-imagines past, past that has been turned into a safe, familiar place  Satisfies longing for a golden age of propriety, decency, courtesy  All characters get their just desserts (Elizabeth gets Darcy and vice versa) High cultural status of Austen adaptations Achieved by claiming authenticity that manifests itself through location, costume and acting The Heritage Film cont.  A longing for a return to pre-feminist past, to stability of gender-fixed positions  Historical dramas performs physical and sexual repression through an over-investment in the meaningful “look”  Have a distinctly asexual quality Eroticization of the Male Body  “Darcy Effect”  Licence for female visual/sexual pleasure  Masculinity: English, aristocratic, white, heterosexual, Christian, asexual, and romantic Bennet family:  Different than most people expect  Mother is harebrained, daughter Lydia, running around with different men  Crazy, chaotic household  Members of family are a contrast of each other  Mr. Bennet overly impressed by her
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